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I am a tranny, a mature tranny, naughty and above all, a real slut. I have always been interested in well built and big cocked bisexual men who love getting fucked deep, but also men on whom I can fuck with real dominance. However, I met a woman recently, and the surprise was amazing as she turned out to be exactly everything I like.

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We met in a bar and I thought she was a lesbian. She was very beautiful, stunning even, quite mature and above all, I could just feel that she had to be very naughty. I wanted to talk to her so badly, but I was afraid I wasn't going to please her. However, I took the risk of hitting on her. Even at the bar, we got along very well, although there are times when the silences say a lot. Why ? Because we knew perfectly well that we have secrets that we dare not confess to, but sooner or later the truths will be told. We had a bit of fun, then decided to move to a more private area. I wanted her to come to my house so badly, but given the circumstance and the urgency, I preferred to go to her house instead. As soon as we were in her room, we kissed, caressed each other and then ...

An extravagant surprise!

We couldn't take it anymore and we started undressing ourselves and ... Wow, surprises suprises !! We both have massive huge cocks between our thighs ! We laughed and then continued to have fun. As a mature tranny, I let myself go as I felt her lips, then her mouth sucking me like a true queen. Then we got into a 69 and I gave the device back to him like a king. Being used to ass fucking guys, I let myself go and let him pound my tight ass, feeling his beautiful cock come and go so deeply. Then it was my turn to take her, her super tight asshole pleasing me to death. Since then, we have become the best friends in the world and above all inseparable.

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