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Anal sex is known to be painful for women

The shot is that men die to get it and women move away from it. There is a lot of talk about anal sex, pornographic sites are full of it and studies show that it is becoming more and more common. Until now, researchers had seen them in black to find out about women's real anal experiences. There was very little information on this subject. The thing is, they felt more than pain. They also felt pleasure. More than half of those who continued to have anal sex said it was very exciting and enjoyable and that it increased over time. For some, pain during anal sex was part of the pleasure and the HD Porn Videos confirm this intuition.

Try anal sex

On the other hand, some had little or no pain and stopped when it hurt. For them, the pain had nothing to do with the pleasure they felt during anal sex. At first, this practice is a little scary, but over time, it's very exciting. So, if you and your partner are new to anal sex, you need to reassure her because it doesn't hurt. To minimize pain, anal and lubricant play or saliva is important. Several women said that being very excited was the key to not feeling embarrassed. Others said that the most important thing was to do it calmly and gradually. According to those who have continued to have anal sex, although it can be painful at first, it tends to disappear over time.

It is essential to feel comfortable and relaxed with your partner, to communicate and learn what postures work.

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